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Do you have extensive experience in your field, and a passion for writing? If so, writing articles for Machinery Lubrication India could be for you.

Machinery Lubrication India is a respected magazine and our authors get a lot of exposure. We also pay for accepted articles.

What We're Looking For

We are looking for extensive, detailed, informative and authoritative articles of the highest quality written to educate, inform and teach our readers in a concise and approachable way.

You can get a good idea of what we're looking for based on what we've published already. If you're not sure whether your idea is suitable, send us a pitch anyway, along with an introduction and examples of your work - we can always discuss other ideas with you! Include a short note about yourself.

Send Us a Pitch

If you're interested, please take a look at the important information below. If you're happy with everything feel free to pitch your idea. Contact Us.

You can submit a specific idea for an article, or just introduce yourself and explain what kind of content you'd be best suited to write. There's no need to submit a complete tutorial, but the more details you include, the better.

Other Important Information

Before you submit anything, check that you understand and are happy with all of these points:

  • Your article must be your original work and not published elsewhere. Machinery Lubrication India will retain the digital publishing rights exclusively.
  • Your article may be edited prior to publishing.