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1. Outreach

In-depth articles will be written by foreign experts in the field of machinery lubrication, lubricants, analysis, interpretation, conservation of lubricants, filtration, new advances in lubricants / lubrication, etc.

2. Insight

This section features Indian expertsÂ’ views, experiences and studies on various subjects connected with lubrication and lubricants.

3. Sectoral Focus

Every issue of Machinery Lubrication-India will cover one industry sector like cement, power, steel, auto, etc. in detail with analysis of trends, systems, processes and procedures. This will provide a macro and micro analysis of each sector.

4. Industry and Product News

This section will include new industry entrants, expansions, mergers, acquisitions, promotions and hirings. The magazine will give information about new product development and launches.

5. Events

Upcoming and recent events, trade shows, seminars, exhibitions and conferences in India and abroad will be highlighted.