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Since 2001, Machinery Lubrication has been the standard for machinery and process lubrication and lubricant professionals around the world, with informative articles and real case studies from industry. A well defined audience for your targeted advertisements.

Now we are pleased to offer the same expertise to Indian professionals right at their doorsteps. Machinery Lubrication-India will not only include articles from international authors, but also have local content and news contributed by Indian authors from industry and academia.

Machinery Lubrication-India is designed for lubrication professionals, lubricant manufacturers and research scientists. We cover all aspects of machinery lubrication, from lubrication fundamentals, lubrication basics for machinery designers/engineers/operators, best practices for lubricant storage and handling, lubrication process development and lubricant analysis and interpretation.

Machinery Lubrication-India is also designated for lubricant formulators, manufacturers, sellers, buyers and specifiers. Designers/engineers who formulate or specify lubricants will find the technical articles very informative.

Machinery Lubrication-India focuses on topics like lube and coolant management, oil filtration, filtration equipment and testing and interpretation.

Machinery Lubrication-India also covers issues on central lubrication systems and accessories like breathers, sampling equipment, grease applicators, testing equipment/analyzers, on-site and off-site condition monitoring equipment, testing laboratories, training programmes, seminars, conferences and events. 

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