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ExxonMobil Completes New Grease and Synthetic Lubricants Facilities

Exxon mobil grease drums

ExxonMobil recently announced the completion of its expansion project in Jurong ( Singapore ) to increase production of grease and synthetic lubricants, including Mobil 1TM, the company’s flagship synthetic engine oil. The expansion of the Jurong lubricant plant further strengthens the company’s manufacturing capabilities and its ability to meet the growing demand for grease and synthetic lubricants products in the Asia Pacific region.

“These new grease and synthetic lubricants production facilities are strategically located close to key Asia Pacific markets, ensuring the reliable supply of these premium products to our customers. Our advanced lubricating oils and greases contribute to society’s broader sustainability objectives by helping to increase equipment operating efficiency and engine fuel economy, which contribute to reduced energy and resource use, as well as lower emissions.”
--Teoh Song Ping, Asia Pacific lubricant sales director at ExxonMobil.

“India’s economy continues to grow with significant opportunities across industries. One of the biggest market opportunities is within the automotive sector fueled by the growing middle class consumer segment who look for high quality lubricant solutions for their vehicles. Other industries such as general manufacturing also stand to benefit from increased product demand. The proximity of the new synthetic lubricants and grease plants in Singapore offer our customers in India an enhanced value chain with reliable supply and more efficient delivery.”
– Deepankar Banerjee, Chief Executive Officer, ExxonMobil Lubricants Pvt. Ltd.

Shell Lubricants Opens Learning Centre in Partnership with BML University

Shell learning centre

Shell Lubricants, the global market share leader in finished lubricants, recently inaugurated a Learning Centre in partnership with BML Munjal University(BMU), Haryana. Shell’s collaboration with the varsity aims to provide real life hardware exposure and share practical knowledge in lubrication of automotive & industrial applications. The learning centre is aimed to provide industry experience to college students. The centre comprises of an Automotive Section and an Industrial Section.

Ms. Mansi Tripathy, Country Head, Shell Lubricants India said, “Shell has been focussing on improving energy efficiency for years through introduction of energy efficient lubricants. Lubricants will play a key role in reducing carbon footprint and enabling companies in addressing the larger energy challenge in near future. The centre gives us an opportunity to collaborate across industry and academia.

Dr. B.S. Satyanarayana, Vice Chancellor, BML Munjal University said, “We believe as we move towards a more Sustainable and Energy efficient world, lubricants and tribology will play a major role in multiple other domains including aerospace, clean energy, medical instrumentation & implants, power transmission, food processing and packaging to contamination and environment protection. Thus we shall be educating the students on how the principles of lubricant and tribology can be used for not just new developments in automobile and industrial production process, but can be used for a wide range of applications mentioned above, leading to even new products, patents and cross disciplinary applications.

Mr. Akshay Kant Munjal, President, BML Munjal University, said “One of the unique things about this lab is that it will provide practical experience to our students and faculty through hands-on learning on various components and systems in different vehicles. We look forward to the centre bringing together Shell’s expertise and BMU’s talent”

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